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Author: Odyssey Systems Ltd

This video is inspired by Alex Holden an IT consultant who has helped us in the past. We were shown a video of Alex 'Riding the Astral Pole' when John said it looked easy we all had to have a go.

Turns out Rebecca is the only one with the dexterity to manage it without serious injury!.


Author: Mike Odysseas,

This website was originally built when i was trying to sell my house and offered my red 1998 Ferrari 355 F1 as part of the deal.

To view how the site originally looked click here.

I have now sold the house (along with the Ferrari) and decided to turn this into a personal site about me, my business and what it does.

Odyssey Systems

Author: Mike Odysseas,

A Bit About My Business

Telecommunications for Business

I run my own business called Odyssey Systems LTD. We are a telecommunications company who specialise in supplying telecommunication systems to SME's

We can supply our clients a bill with everything in one place so if you had ADSL, an ISDN phone system, mobile phone and landlines all with Odyssey you would not recieve a different bill for each it would all come under the one bill.

It is not only businesses we have installed out phone systems in, but also in schools and NHS Centres such as doctors and dentist surgeries.

Odyssey Systems not only deal with phones and phonesystems. Other areas of expertise include VOIP and SIP systems, ADSL Broadband and can also supply Mobile Phones and Blackberries.

We don't subcontract out any maintenence work it is all by our own highly skilled engineers who all have their own company vehicles which are all kept fully stocked at all times with at least 3 spares at all times, be it spare cables, LG Phones or Wireless Modem Router's. We will send the right engineer for the right job as we have telecoms engineers for telephone related issues and ADSL engineers for broadband related issues.